Irish Folklore

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Ireland is a land of tales and legends, whose colourful tales tell of the existence of leprechauns, those mischievous little creatures, while others extol the former kings and queens of Ireland. Irish mythology still haunts to this day the green valleys of Ireland, whether on the side of Tara, the royal residence of the former great rulers, or more simply on the side of the great dolmens and old stone circles…
Because each character and creature has its story, because each Celtic symbol has its explanation, here is a glimpse of everything you can know about Irish mythology.

The irish folklore

A country steeped in complex mythology

Magical or evil creatures, heroic figures and tragic destinies… No, we are not talking about Greek mythology here, but about Irish mythology and folklore! It must be said that Ireland loves dark and heart-rending tales, often full of morality and wisdom.

Thus, you will discover the fascinating story of Finn McCool, or the great hero Cuchulainn! These fine strategists, shine in each story for their warrior talents, but also for their intelligence! These relentless vigilantes live fascinating stories, ranging from accounts of terrible battles to love stories as heartbreaking as they are convoluted!

But the heroes of Irish folklore don’t always have a human face! Fairies, leprechauns, and Jack O’Lantern are figures as endearing as they are clothed, and they fascinate adults and children alike!

Irish Folklore : what not to miss