Irish culture

Irish culture

In Ireland, the Irish culture is lived daily, discovered, tasted, touched, admired, appreciated and declined to the rhythm of the seasons, nature, the sea, and its high historical episodes! More than an identity, it is for the population a real heritage, which must be preserved and passed on to future generations…

Culture in Ireland

A precious heritage, which coexists with modern Irish society.

Folklore, festivals, Gaelic language, gastronomy, music, history, art… The Irish culture is a rich and colourful culture which, because of its universality, manages to conquer millions of tourists every year who come to learn the Irish way of life.

A culture that skillfully combines humour, tradition, and a duty to remember, with regard to its more than complex History, often exposed to religion, conflicts, poverty and war.

As for her music, she knows how to touch everyone’s heart, with her inspired tunes and traditional instruments. The lyrics of their songs, when they are often sad-joyful, are a true testimony to the humour and depth of the Irish soul…

Here is a glimpse of what has helped to build the identity of Irish culture. A culture that can be discovered and appreciated in all its subtlety!

Irish culture