Christmas in Ireland

Discover Christmas in Ireland

Christmas is always a highly anticipated event in Ireland. The streets are adorned with their most beautiful decorations, and are filled with people: everyone has come to admire the most beautiful markets in the region, while tasting Irish specialties. Fir trees, decoration, gifts, Irish music… Ireland is then won over by the magic of Christmas… and so are you!

Spend Christmas in Ireland

Let yourself be overwhelmed by the enchantment of an Irish Christmas!

In Ireland, Christmas is a holiday where tradition is omnipresent! It is the occasion for everyone to get together as a family, to exchange gifts while enjoying festive dishes.

But Ireland also has its own traditions: ice bathing, horse racing, Christmas markets, little christmas… and so on. Fun and surprising moments, which will make your holidays unforgettable!

Whether you spend Christmas in the big Irish cities like Dublin or Galway, or whether you go to spend it in more remote corners, a Christmas in Ireland offers a unique experience! A once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Christmas in Ireland : what not to miss