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Buzz: a TikTok video suggests that a monster lives in the waters of Dublin

Date 29 June 2021
The sequence would show a strange creature evolving within the Liffey

Could a strange creature be living in the waters of the Liffey in Dublin? This strange theory came from a video posted on TikTok by Seán Hawkins. Intrigued, he would have seen a “creature” with unusual shapes, moving in the waters of the Irish capital. Although the images are far from being clear, it did not need more to make the buzz, and fascinate the dubliners!

Creature worthy of Loch Ness or floating debris?

Dubliners wonder and have fun!

This is what steals the show from the Loch Ness monster! The video on TikTok, rather enigmatic, was the occasion for the local population to have fun and to make all sorts of explanations.

It must be said that the images show a kind of head emerging from the surface of the water. The creature seems to drag a black cape, and progresses quietly, carried by the current. The proof in pictures :


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The author of the video, Seán (@chickengousean), asked people on the platform to come up with their theories, “What’s that thing swimming in the Liffey today?”

And the answers are pretty tasty… While many have suggested a floating pile of debris (the most plausible explanation), others have compared the monster to a Harry Potter stalker, Darth Vader, or other creepy mystical creatures.

The video now has over 52,000 likes and has been shared over 1,000 times. Proof that it didn’t take much to create a sensation!

What about you? What’s your theory?


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