Aurora Borealis expected this week in Ireland!

Date 30 September 2020

Tonight and the next few days, the Irish sky could well become magical! According to astronomy experts, the Northern Lights could well be seen tonight all over Ireland! An exceptional and particularly rare phenomenon, which could dazzle the sky with magical colors ranging from green, yellow, purple and vaporous white!

A phenomenon observable throughout the country

Scientists advise to look to the north…

Every evening of this week, the Irish will have their eyes raised to the sky. Everyone hopes to see blazing colors in the starry night. It must be said that this phenomenon, also observable in the Nordic countries, offers a unique and unforgettable spectacle!

But beware: experts explain that there are different forms of aurora borealis: some are particularly colorful … while others are more in the form of white and grayish glows, sometimes more difficult to observe.

It will thus be necessary to be particularly attentive, to admire one of these two natural phenomena! It is thus advised to the Irish to be placed in places little polluted by human light: a black and clear sky is ideal to observe more easily the sky and its colors in movement.

We never really know the intensity of a coming aurora borealis. So, look for the sky to the north and you may see some colourful glows. said an Irish Northern Lights researcher.

Generally speaking, a phenomenon like this can be seen several hundred kilometers away. However, most of these aurora borealis could be concentrated in Donegal County. But according to scientists, they could be seen without any problem by Irish people living in the south of the country like County Cork, or Kerry!

Enough to amaze the whole island of Ireland, and to offer a nice show all in gleam and color!

To discover at this time in Ireland:

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