Howth Head - © Evgeni
Howth Head - © Evgeni

5 ways to go to the beach when in Dublin!

Date 28 July 2021
How about exploring the coastal villages around the Irish capital?

When summer comes and you visit Ireland, many travelers choose Dublin, its museums, its lively neighborhoods, and its exceptional culture. But when the sun comes out, the temptation to go for a swim is great. Dublin’s geographical location is ideal for this: the capital is located near fantastic seaside villages, easily reached by taking the DART (a kind of Parisian RER). Does this tempt you? Come on, follow us: we’ll go around the possibilities with you!


Aerial view of the port of Malahide - © Lucian

Aerial view of the port of Malahide – © Lucian

Malahide is one of the coastal villages that are quite nice to discover. Many Dubliners go there on weekends, for an afternoon, to enjoy its beaches, its castle and its park.

It takes less than 30 minutes to get from downtown Dublin to Malahide. A short and comfortable trip, which will allow you to find yourself in a snap of your fingers in a wild and picturesque setting, far from the agitation of the Irish capital.

On the program, you’ll find a medieval castle, a sandy beach ideal for swimming, colorful Irish pubs, and local craft stores perfect for a shopping spree!

How to get there:

Take the DART, North line. Malahide is the last station.


Howth Head - © Evgeni

Howth Head – © Evgeni

Lovers of coastal landscapes will love Howth. It is a small seaside village, ultra popular with Dubliners. They literally fall in love with the wild beauty of its peninsula, its lighthouse, and its hiking trails along the ocean. A special mention goes to Ireland’s Eye, a small island located a short distance from Howth: it offers many possibilities for excursions and swimming.

It’s a great way to have fun while taking a breath of fresh air!

How to get there:

Take the DART, Northeast line. Howth is the last stop.

Dun Laoghaire

Dun Laoghaire Harbour - sunfreez

Dun Laoghaire Harbour – sunfreez

If you want to go south of Dublin, then the village of Dun Laoghaire is a great spot to explore. Located less than 11km from Dublin, the village is famous for the Forty Foot spot. It is a promontory located at the southern tip of Dublin Bay. Dubliners are used to go swimming there, in summer as well as in winter (on the occasion of the famous Christmas ice bath). Forty Foot has a perfect spot to take a dip. Thrills guaranteed!

Among other activities, Dun Laoghaire also has a Victorian kiosk, a nice park (People’s Park), amazing museums, as well as excellent ice cream parlors, perfect to enjoy an ice cream in summer!

Getting there:

Take the south line of the DART.


Dalkey and the irish pub The Queens

Dalkey and the irish pub The Queens

The village of Dalkey is one of the must-see destinations to explore. This bon-chic, bon-genre, middle-class village is a haven of peace and tranquility.

Located 40 minutes from Dublin by DART, this little corner of paradise is known for its medieval castle, Dalkey Island, and the welcoming and colorful atmosphere of its busy streets.

It is worth noting that the area has attracted many world stars. Among them, Matt Damon, Bono, Enya or Van Morrison have already stayed here (some of them even own a house).

How to get there:

Take the South Bray/Greystone line of the DART.


Bray - © David Soanes

Bray – © David Soanes

Bray is the second to last stop on the Bray/Greystone South line. It allows you to change region, the village being located in the north of the county of Wicklow. The spot is simply great to discover.

It has a great beach, impressive mountains ideal for hiking, cool and dynamic neighborhoods, with funky Irish pubs and welcoming restaurants. The village is pleasant and attractive. So much so that it is often called the “Irish Brighton”, in reference to the British seaside town.

Getting there:

Take the DART, South Bray/Greystone line

To discover at this time in Ireland:

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