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It’s official: this year you’re going to the green Erin! But you don’t know where to start? What to put in your suitcase? How to get around? What are the papers to enter the territory? What activities can you do there? What is the best time to go?
Many questions but don’t panic, we are here to help you! Discover our guide, our advices and our good plans to leave in all simplicity! We give you a complete overview of all the practical aspects: organization of the stay, possible tours, different types of accommodation, and of course means of transportation available once you are there!
Promise: traveling in Ireland has never been so easy!

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Car rental: go with a credit card, not a debit card!

To rent a car in Ireland, avoid the pitfalls, and rent with a credit card, not a debit card! This will save you a lot of money! [...]

Sleeping in a lighthouse in Ireland

What if you went to sleep in a lighthouse in Ireland? This unique experience is to be lived at least once in your life! We explain you how to book. [...]

Sleeping in an Irish castle

What if you went to sleep in an Irish castle? An exceptional experience, to do at least once in your life! Here's how to book! [...]
Galway - © C.Echeveste

Daily life

Irish culture

Sally Rooney

Normal people you know? Behind this novel is Sally Rooney, a talented Irish writer who loves to write about the millennial generation! [...]

Saint Finbarr

Did you know that Cork has its own patron saint? Saint Finbarr is a high figure of Christianity in Ireland... who is celebrated on September 25th! [...]

Irish relish

Relish is a popular condiment in Ireland! As essential as ketchup, relish is a tasty vinegar chutney! [...]

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