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Much more than a trip...

Travel to Ireland: go on a discovery tour!

Welcome to Ireland and Northern Ireland! A wild land, full of history, shaped by the elements, the ocean, the rain and the wind…

Our tour guide offers you a dive in the heart of the Irish lands.

Explore and discover its wild landscapes, its wide open spaces (Connemara), its castles, and its dolmens… without forgetting its human-sized cities (Dublin, Belfast, Galway, Cork and many others) where you will be able to push the door of their museums and their fun and offbeat attractions…

Immerse yourself in the heart of Gaelic culture, soak up the inimitable atmosphere of the country’s Irish pubs, and discover traditional Irish music, magical and authentic!

Finally, don’t miss the opportunity to taste Irish food, a tasty and comforting cuisine, based on local products and a unique know-how… between land and sea. All this accompanied by drinks whose reputation has spread beyond the borders of Ireland (as evidenced by the number of their breweries and distilleries!) !

So what are you waiting for? Let’s go to organize your trip to Ireland! Follow our advice, and organize your own road-trip: a unique and memorable stay…

Much more than a trip : an adventure to live !

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The Doolough Pass

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The Granuaile’s Castle

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House of Waterford Crystal

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The Dunmore East Beach

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The Caha Pass

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