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Ireland : a land to discover!

You’re in good hands with this online travel guide to Ireland!

Welcome to Ireland and Northern Ireland, a wild and rugged land, loaded with history, and shaped by the elements, the ocean, the rain and the wind…
Our travel guide will take you on a trip around the Irish country, whether it be to explore and discover the stunning countryside, its wide open spaces, its castles (or caisleán), its dolmens, or its towns (Dublin, Belfast, Galway, Cork and many others), its pubs, or to discover the unique Irish culture!
It is also an opportunity for you to discover the food, local Irish products, beers, whiskeys… From Guinness to Irish coffee passing by the Irish stew, fish and chips as well as its seafood platters, there’s something for everyone!
Suffice it to say, the Emerald Isle has a lot to offer! So why not give in to the electric atmosphere of an Irish pub where the locals play and dance traditional Irish music, and go and chat with the Irish directly, well-known for the warmth, courteousness and their hospitality: a unique experience awaits you!
What are you waiting for? Start organising your trip! An unforgettable adventure awaits, authentic and magic, from which you will never want to leave…

Destinations not to be missed

The Midleton Distillery

Wicklow Gaol

Dalkey Castle

Fanad Head

Our goal: to help you organise your trip to Ireland at the best price

Fancy a week-end at Dublin, a week of discovery in the wilds of Connemara, or maybe a road trip to Erin? We can help you find accommodation, book your plane tickets, organise your ferry crossing, and find the best tourist sites for you to visit!
We will help you organise THE best trip to Ireland that suits you, at the best prices, and without missing out on everything the country has to offer! We will be covering everything there is to know about Ireland, from its exceptional tourist locations to its culture, as well as the local cuisine, its exceptional beers… Not to mention the activities that one can take part in, as well as what means of transport are available to you to travel the country independently!

Tourist attractions to visit

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Thousands of tourist sites are waiting for you!

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Irish cities

Food & drink: local specialities

Forget the Irish stereotype of potato and cabbage eaters! Irish cuisine is going through a renaissance right now and is now internationally celebrated for its food and local products! Make sure you taste the various local specialities such as the Irish stew, fish and chips, exquisite smoked salmon, seafood platters, Kerry lamb… Irish cuisine is a cunning mix of traditional cooking with a modern twist! Unforgettable flavours await the foodies amongst you, all the while surrounded by the warmth and hospitality of the Irish!

Organize your stay

That's it, your travel plan is official, but you don't know where to start? What to put in your suitcase? How to get around? What are the papers to enter the territory? What currency, for what expenses to plan? Many questions for which we have the answers!

Good to know

  • Photography in Ireland

    Travelling in Ireland without coming back with beautiful pictures is like not having drunk a single beer. Unthinkable as the geographical diversity made of landscapes as simple as complex catch the eye and quickly provide [...]

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